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  1. One of my favorite chapters in the book is Chapter 11 where Grandpa Joe is highlighted. The imagery in these first two paragraphs leaves me with such a vivid description of the old cowboy; what he looks like, how he moves, even what he smells like. I can almost smell the barnyard hay, the soil from the garden as he pats his clothing and stomps his boots.

    Later on in the chapter, the reader is able to get to know Joe’s personality and character through his personable humor and interactions with Bide Hunt, Frank Hall and then later with his sweetheart May. Thus, one of my favorites.

  2. A devoted family fights to stay together and support each other through difficult times. A heartwarming story of how life’s trials can turn into great blessings. Proof that even the youngest child can make a difference.

  3. This book is simply a MUST READ!!!!!
    It captures every emotion from laughing yourself silly, to crying, to heart thumping scare you to death, to really feeling the strong bond and love for the family unit, faith in God, and each other, to overcoming literally anything that is thrown at you in life. I absolutely loved it!!!
    I can hardly wait for the sequels to come!!!!
    Very well written and kept my attention the entire time!!!!!
    Thank you for writing this book!!!

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